Our Infrastructure


We constantly extend our infrastructure to give you the highest reliability and ensure the best performance.

We love SSD! All of our hosting plans run on super fast Intel SSD DC Series - the enterprise grade SSDs from Intel, which have performed great in all tests. These SSDs offer 84,000 IOPS with read access speeds of 500 MB/s and write access speeds of 460 MB/s. In combination with the new SAS2 controllers we reach one of the best I/O performance currently available on the market.
We employ high-end enterprise grade hardware for all of our servers and take care that they are never overloaded.

Onlime Webhosting gives your web application wings and lets it fly high!

Data Center

We operate our servers in the data center of METANET in Zurich, Switzerland. METANET has been proven as an extremely reliable housing partner. METANET provides us a fully redundant network and – as a RIPE-member under AS21069 – operates its own multi-10-gigabit-network.

Upon failure of a Cisco router the whole traffic is within a very short time completely taken over by the other; the same applies to the backbone connections. Additionally, METANET has direct connections to Cablecom, SWITCH, Google, and more than 30 other Swiss internet and content providers to provide their customers with the best access times. The remaining traffic runs over the two upstreams Interoute and Level3.

We operate our backup server infrastructure in the data center of the Nine, also located in Zurich. The infrastructure is installed in our own lockable quarter-rack in a highly secured colocation.

100% Switzerland! All servers are located in Switzerland, without exception.

Green IT

Onlime exclusively draws "naturemade star"-certified green electricity from EWZ (Elektrizitätswerke der Stadt Zürich). By choosing ewz.ökopower Onlime promotes the renewal and the construction of hydroelectric power plants to the highest ecological criteria. Also, the purchase of ewz.ökopower promotes the construction of additional solar power plants.

We operate our servers in the data centers of METANET and Nine. While METANET guarantees us green energy in the form of an eco-certificate, at Nine we choose the option "Ökopower" plus "Climate neutral operation" for entire compensation of CO2 emissions.

We also support Solarspar and ewz.solarzüri. Since 2014 we took a share in the construction and operation of a photovoltaic (PV) system on top of the school building Buchlern in Zurich.

While expanding our infrastructure and with each new server purchase we pay close attention to energy efficiency. We only use power supplies with 80plus Platinum (> 94%) certification and prefer components of the "efficient-line" of our main supplier Thomas-Krenn.

Our Server Configuration

To be honest, we don't have to hide our system configuration. For the tech guys among you - This is the current specification of our web server:

Model 1HE Intel Dual-CPU SuperMicro RI2104
CPU 2x Intel Xeon E5-2690v4 14-Core 2,6GHz 30MB 9.6GT/s
Memory 256 GB 2400MHz LRDIMM DDR4 ECC Reg QuadRank x4 CL17
Disk RAID-10, 4 x 1.6TB Intel SSD DC S3610
Network 1 Gbit/s redundant
  • RAID

    All SSDs run in a RAID-1 respectively RAID-10 mirroring setup. If one SSD fails, the server continues to run undisturbed and the defective SSD can hot-swapped.
  • Failover

    For each physical production server, we run an additional fallback server with similar hardware equipment, which in an emergency situation can take over at any time. For replication, we use ZFS snapshots.
  • Off-site Backup

    Our backup servers are operated in the colocation at Nine in Zurich. We create nightly full-system backups including all customer data, regardless of the hosting plan.
  • Offline Backup

    In addition to the off-site backups we transfer all data to encrypted external drives on a weekly basis. These drives are stored each physically disconnected (offline).
  • Encryption

    All data transfers, both inside the internal network of Onlime Webhosting and to our external datacenter (off-site backup) is secured by encrypted connections.