limeDRIVE - Your safe cloud storage

Are you travelling around the world and would like to keep your pictures stored at a safe place? Would you like to access your data both from home and from the office? Or do you just want to share some files with your friends? limeDRIVE provides you with a huge cloud storage which you may access at any time via FTP or WebDAV.

This is no webhosting plan, access via HTTP is not allowed. That's why we can offer this plan at such a low price. You will find the main features listed below.

If you cannot wait any longer, order now and in a few hours you will be ready to go with our limeDRIVE.



You can copy to and download data from your website using file transfer protocol (FTP) at any time.
You can also use FTPS (FTP-SSL) for encrypted FTP connections. FTPS builds on top of SSL/TLS, which means the data transfer to and from the server is encrypted. In addition to the commands entered, the data channel is also encrypted. Our servers support FTPS by default.


Next to the conventional use of FTP(S) you may activate WebDAV for your limeDRIVE to securely access your data over HTTPS.
With WebDAV you are able to mount your cloud storage as a virtual drive on your system. This is especially convenient for mobile applications, e.g. scanning/OCR apps on your smartphone. That way you will always be able to access your documents from anywhere in a secure manner.

Airpane Controlpanel

With its comprehensive and intuitive user interface, Airpane Controlpanel provides you with a complete overview of your web hosting account. All email address and mail account administration, FTP account, subdomain, and database administration can be conveniently and easily managed here.

Off-site Backups

We always run full nightly backups to a remote data center (off-site). That way, our backup solution basically is disaster-proof. We store multiple daily/weekly/monthly generations which can be restored at any time by our support staff.
Our backup solution is included with all hosting plans at no additional cost!