Mediator Program

Recommending us is well worth it!

Are you one of the content Onlime customers? It's well worth it recommending us to your friends and acquaintances. For every order placed on your recommendation, you will get the hosting fees worth of 3 months credited on your next bill. Per mediated hosting account you will save (in CHF):


+ 41.70


+ 59.70


+ 20.70

In addition to your mediator bonus the new customer will also receive the first 3 months of his hosting plan paid! Actually, Onlime GmbH is giving away half a year of hosting fees for each mediated hosting plan.

The mediator bonus is based on the new subscription and you can only be credited if the new customer provides us with your mediator code at the end of the ordering process. Please note that we can not credit the mediator bonus after order submission. This mediator program only applies to our webhosting product range, excluding our options and addons. Of course, this mediator program is not limited to new customers. You may order another hosting plan for yourself by providing your own mediator code, and we will gladly credit the mediator bonus towards your new subscription.

Request your personal mediator code:

Your email address must correspond with the one you have entered under the primary contact in our Controlpanel.