Our Partners

The partnership with leading manufacturers and service providers is a critical success factor for Onlime GmbH. Thanks to a strong collaboration with our partners we can assure that we will always be flexible enough to grow with the ever changing needs of our customers and to fully satisfy them.


No matter whether you need a complex e-commerce site that integrates a CMS or just a simple landing page with responsive design - professional and stable programming is the heart of any website.

Thanks to many years of experience in the implementation of websites and complex web based applications, RACERFISH can guide you competently in your project. RACERFISH is here to support you from the very first mockup and screen design to the going-live of your website.

RACERFISH provides webdesign for our customers from the lowest to the highest requirements and works closely together with Onlime GmbH.

Wittwer IT Services

Wittwer IT Services is our close and trustworthy SysOps partner and actively supports us in the maintenance and development of our server infrastructure.

Be it in critical situations, emergency operations, or even as conventional consulting - Wittwer IT Solutions always supports us with an incredibly broad know-how in the Linux/sysadmin area and cloud-based solutions.

We maintain an active exchange from techie to techie and continuously develop both our platforms. This partnership bears many fruits thanks to our shared enthusiasm for new technologies and (opensource) solutions.

Taywa GmbH

Taywa stands for graphic design, dynamic web design and specialization in modern web technologies. Taywa provides webdesign for our customers from the lowest to the highest requirements and works closely together with Onlime GmbH.

Taywa stands out by its knowhow in the following areas: PHP, Typo3 CMS, WordPress, Python / Django, Flash ActionScript, AJAX.


Thomas-Krenn is our hardware supplier for all server systems and technologies.

For many years now, we rely on Thomas-Krenn and are extremely satisfied with the high quality Intel server systems. Concerning support and delivery time Thomas-Krenn is absolutely 1A. The logo of Thomas-Krenn bears the slogan "speed is (y)our success" and this company lives completely up to this motto.


METANET provides us an excellent connection to the Internet. Our server systems are housed in METANET's data centers in the heart of Zurich.

METANET is a RIPE member and operates its own gigabit network. METANET offers us the highest redundancy and resiliency. Over the last 10 years there was not a single significant failure. We very much appreciate the cooperation with METANET and honor their tremendous expertise and professionalism!

Nine Internet Solutions AG

Nine have served us since 2016 as a secondary data center for our off-site backup infrastructure, also located in Zurich. We operate our own lockable Quarter rack in the highly secured colocation.

All staff members whom we have met so far at Nine make a very competent and reliable impression. We look forward to many years of cooperation.


This is our partner of choice when it comes to domain registration. InterNetworX provides us with a convenient user interface and sophisticated API for domain management. During all the years of cooperation we were never disappointed by InterNetworX.

Let's Encrypt

We encrypt all your websites. This is made possible by the nonprofit and crowdfunded Certificate Authority Let's Encrypt, with major sponsors such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Mozilla Foundation, Akamai, and Cisco Systems. Let's Encrypt has set itself the goal of providing free SSL certificates to everybody. Onlime actively supports Let's Encrypt through regular donations.