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Here we highlight the key features of our attractive hosting offers.
For a detailed overview of all hosting plans and extra options, please consult our PDF product chart.



limeBASIC limePRO limeDRIVE
The fee is payable yearly in advance. All prices include VAT.
CHF 13.90 CHF 19.90 CHF 6.90
There won't be any hidden fees! We will always communicate our final prices including any taxes if applicable.
Installation and activation of your hosting account is included in our offer.
You have enough time to test our service thoroughly. If in the first 60 days after placing your order you are not happy with Onlime GmbH as your service provider or with your product, you can cancel the subscription within this time and we guarantee that we will fully reimburse you.

Quality doesn't always have to be expensive - Try us and find out for yourself.
All servers are located in a state-of-the-art highly secured datacenter in Zurich, Switzerland.
In addition to our high quality standards, the immediate geographical proximity of our datacenter is a crucial point.
Storing your data in Switzerland gives you a legal protection which hardly any other country could provide.

Please check our infrastructure section for further information and images.
Zurich, Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland
For our servers, we guarantee an annual average availability of 99.9%.
The entire server infrastructure is monitored around the clock every day of the year. On top of that, the server hardware is equipped with components that are 100% redundantly installed.
Our infrastructure offers you above-average high availability!
99.9 % 99.9 % 99.9 %
All server systems and services are monitored 24/7 by the latest monitoring technologies. In case of an unexpected incident, our system engineers are alarmed by SMS and are able to act immediately.
We constantly analyze our usage and access statistics pro-actively for failure prevention.
Your data is stored once a day on an off-site backup system and can be restored upon request by our support team. We always keep several daily/weekly/monthly generations of all data.
We always run full nightly backups to a remote data center (off-site). That way, our backup solution basically is disaster-proof. We store multiple daily/weekly/monthly generations which can be restored at any time by our support staff.
Our backup solution is included with all hosting plans at no additional cost!
With its comprehensive and intuitive user interface, Airpane Controlpanel provides you with a complete overview of your web hosting account. All email address and mail account administration, FTP account, subdomain, and database administration can be conveniently and easily managed here.
Should your requirements change over time, you may switch any time to a different webhosting plan. You can upgrade at any time to a higher hosting plan. Downgrades to a lower plan are possible at the end of your individual contract period.


limeBASIC limePRO limeDRIVE
Webspace is the available disk space for your website data, your email accounts, and your databases. It is up to you how much space you wish to assign to your email accounts and how much for your website.
20 GB 50 GB 50 GB
All web hosting accounts run on hi speed Intel DC Series SSDs - the new enterprise grade SSDs from Intel with great read/write and I/O-performance according to numerous benchmarks.
In combination with our thoroughly selected SAS2-controllers we reach one of the best I/O-performance currently available on the market.
"Fair Use Policy" - We only apply traffic restrictions on our web hosting accounts to prevent abusive usage. These restrictions are not there to limit you in any way. Our traffic limits should always be defined high enough for your needs. If not, we will surely find a solution for you, possibly without additional cost.
3 TB 3 TB 3 TB
Apart from FTPS, we provide shell access via SSH Secure Shell.
A modern web developer nowadays can hardly do without SSH. You may use package managers like Composer, Bower, or npm. You might as well just use SSH to deploy your web projects via rsync or simply move around some files in an efficient manner. SSH can also be used for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) as a better alternative to FTPS (FTP over SSL).
Encrypt all your websites! Thanks to the nonprofit and crowdfunded Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt, you will get full-fledged SSL certificates at no additional cost. The number of SSL certificates is unlimited. Simply switch your certificates on with a single click in our controlpanel. You do not have to worry about anything. We take care of the installation, the renewal, and any possible reissues of your certificates.
Meanwhile Google prioritizes sites that support HTTPS for its search indexes. The use of SSL/TLS is therefore greatly recommended not only for safety but also for SEO reasons.
unlimited unlimited


limeBASIC limePRO
You can edit your DNS zones yourself and modify any A, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, and AAAA resource records. Our DNS manager is easy to use and does not require deep knowledge of DNS, yet it is also a powerful tool for professionals.
You can create various subdomains for your domain with individual content. A subdomain is attached to the actual domain name and points to a subdirectory on your disk space. You can therefore create several subsections per domain (departments, projects etc.). You may also use subdomains to test new web applications or to build a relaunch of your website before going live.
10 unlimited
You can setup additional domains as domain aliases (pointing to your main domain) or as domain redirects (pointing to an URL). Like this you make your website available under multiple domain names.
5 10
In addition to domain aliases resp. domain redirects, you can also set up so-called domain pointings. A domain pointing attaches to the content of one of your subdomains. This allows the operation of multiple sites with different content in the same webhosting account.


limeBASIC limePRO
Email accounts provide storage space for your emails. You can set the disk space limits individually for each email account.
As an Onlime customer, you can use the following email protocols: POP3, IMAP (Incoming Mailserver) and SMTP (Outgoing Mailserver).
The IMAP protocol was designed to make accessed email accounts and messages appear to be on the local computer. In contrast to POP3, the emails remain on the server and are managed there. IMAP is the right choice for you when you need to use one email account from several devices or if you want to share the same email account with your co-workers. In most situations we recommend using IMAP rather than POP3.
20 50
We allow you to create a large number of email forwardings. These are fully-fledged email addresses for which you do not need to set up an extra mail account.
100 unlimited
Our webmail offers you continuous access to your emails, worldwide and from every type of browser.
We are running the latest version of Roundcube Webmail, a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides the full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.
With the auto-responder, you can set up automatic response emails for your email addresses, for example, when you want to inform senders of your absence.
Your incoming emails can be filtered and processed by different criteria. You can, for example, delete emails with a specific subject or redirect emails from a particular sender address. Even moving emails to IMAP subfolders is possible and happens completely on the server side. You only need to set up the filter rules once centrally (via our comfortable webmail), even if you access the mail account from various different email clients.
Every email is scanned for viruses and possibly rejected.
Different techniques are used to protect your mailboxes from SPAM. All incoming emails are scanned and subjected to content analysis. In addition, international anti-spam databases are in use. This ensures a reliable and effective spam blocker. By adding relevant spam servers (open relay servers) to the black list, entire waves of spam can be stopped.


limeBASIC limePRO limeDRIVE
The rewrite module enables you to automatically redirect requests managed by your web server to another web address (URL). This means, for example, that web addresses remain valid after a change in your filesystem hierarchy. This feature contributes to user-friendliness and makes your website easy to find in search engines. Modern web application frameworks as Zend Framework or Symfony make use of such rewrite rules for the internal routing. A must for every programmer!
If you want certain website directories to be inaccessible to the public, you can protect them with a password.
Error pages are error messages generated by the server that are displayed when a non-existing URL is requested or a "dead link" is clicked. You can redesign these pages as you please.
The webroot directory of your website is the content that is loaded when visitors call your domain name in their browser. Certain blog systems, CMS, or programming frameworks require that the webroot directory points to an underlying directory. The path can be easily customized via our Control Panel.
The autoindex controls whether and how the file structure of a folder can be viewed within a browser. You can individually enable or disable this for your main domain (www) and for each subdomain.
Log files record all access and error messages from the various services running on the web server.
Our statistics server uses those log files to create statistical analysis. You have unrestricted access to your raw log files and may download them at any time.
Extensive statistics about your website visitors are updated every day.
A cronjob is a task that is automatically executed by the computer in the background at defined intervals. The function is used when data needs to be processed at regular intervals. You can set up your own cronjobs in our Controlpanel .


limeBASIC limePRO
PHP is available in different versions. You can set the PHP version globally for your entire web site or choose an individual version for each subdomain.
We will always keep PHP up-to-date and apply any security upgrades in a matter of hours. This is the crucial point which should motivate you to choose us as your trusted hosting partner.


limeBASIC limePRO
MySQL is a relational DBMS (Database Management System) for creating and querying complex databases. MySQL is most often used in conjunction with the widespread programming language PHP.
In addition to the MySQL databases you also have the practical module phpMyAdmin pre-installed at your disposal. This tool helps you create and manage your database content.
MySQL databases and the associated MySQL users can be created conveniently via our Control Panel. In combination with PHP you can create dynamic database-driven web sites. Our MySQL version is compatible with all major CMS, blogging systems, shop software, and known web application frameworks.
10 unlimited
phpMyAdmin, installed and maintained on our servers, is an administration tool that makes managing MySQL databases easy. Using the tool requires no knowledge of SQL, as the databases can be structured via the user interface. The databases are first created in our Control Panel.
We support the creation of different MySQL users which can be assigned to existing databases.

File Management

limeBASIC limePRO limeDRIVE
You can copy to and download data from your website using file transfer protocol (FTP) at any time.
You can also use FTPS (FTP-SSL) for encrypted FTP connections. FTPS builds on top of SSL/TLS, which means the data transfer to and from the server is encrypted. In addition to the commands entered, the data channel is also encrypted. Our servers support FTPS by default.
Instead of FTPS (FTP over SSL) you can also use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) for encrypted FTP connections. SFTP builds an SSH tunnel through the FTP connection, which means data transfer to and from the server is encrypted. In addition to the commands entered, the data channel is also encrypted. This means both access data and the data itself is transmitted in encrypted form.
You may add and manage additional FTP users. Directory permissions can be set individually for each FTP user.
That way you can give third parties fine grained access to your website. You may also set up read-only FTP accounts.
10 unlimited 10
Next to the conventional use of FTP(S) you may activate WebDAV for your limeDRIVE to securely access your data over HTTPS.
With WebDAV you are able to mount your cloud storage as a virtual drive on your system. This is especially convenient for mobile applications, e.g. scanning/OCR apps on your smartphone. That way you will always be able to access your documents from anywhere in a secure manner.

Options & Extra Plans

limeBASIC limePRO limeDRIVE
The extra webspace may be used either for your website data or for your email accounts. It can be freely distributed.
CHF 5.00 CHF 5.00
The extra webspace may be used either for your website data or for your email accounts. It can be freely distributed.
CHF 19.90 CHF 19.90 CHF 6.90
With a Mailserver M1 plan, you will get additionally to the limits of your existing hosting plan:
+ 10 GB webspace
+ unlimited email forwardings
+ 50 mail accounts
CHF 19.90 CHF 19.90
With a Mailserver M2 plan, you will get additionally to the limits of your existing hosting plan:
+ 50 GB webspace
+ unlimited email forwardings
+ unlimited mail accounts
(upon request) (upon request)
Do you need to assign more domains to your hosting plan? This pack gives you the following extras:
+ 10 Domain Aliases/Redirects
+ 5 Domain-Pointings
CHF 10.00
SSL certificates for your domain(s) and/or subdomain(s) can be bought directly in our Controlpanel.
A SSL wildcard certificate is valid for all your subdomains, e.g. * is valid for,, and any other subdomain. Such a certificate can be bought directly via us (upon request) and can be activated in our controlpanel.
CHF 189.00 / year

All prices per month (incl. VAT) except explicitly mentioned. The minimum contract period is 1 year.