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Access Information

Airpane Controlpanel

Our Airpane Controlpanel provides a complete administration tool for your hosting account. The comfortable interface allows you to access your customer information and your current webspace usage, including access statistics. You may create new email accounts (POP3 / IMAP), email addresses, MySQL databases, and subdomains, as far as your particular hosting plan allows. For restrictions, please consult our product overview.

Upon creation of your hosting account, an email account with default address info@yourdomain.tld is automatically created. In our Control Panel you can set up additional email accounts or forwarding email addresses.

The access information for Airpane Controlpanel can be found in the email which you receive at the time when creating the account.

Airpane Controlpanel
Username webXX
Password **********

DNS Setup

Onlime GmbH allows you to manage the nameserver entries for each ordered domain. The domain is automatically added to our name server upon hosting account creation. Via the DNS Manager in our Control Panel, you may edit any existing DNS resource records or create specific ones which should fulfill your special needs.
Please always configure the domain at your registrar to use the following three Nameservers:,,

We recommend you to transfer existing domains directly to us or let us register new domains for you. Like this, you won't need to worry either about the registration or the annual renewal of your domain(s). You will get everything out of one trustworthy hand and your domains will show up on the same invoice as your Onlime GmbH hosting plan.
For the order please select in step 2 the following option: "I would like to register the domain through Onlime GmbH."

If you prefer to register the domain(s) by yourself, please set us as technical contact for the domain. At Switchplus our contact handle is:

[1143396] Onlime GmbH, Philip Iezzi, Glaubtenstrasse 89, 8046 Zürich

For domain transfers from any existing registrar to Onlime GmbH, please use our domain transfer form.

Nameserver 1
Nameserver 2
Nameserver 3


Onlime GmbH allows you to access your mailbox either via IMAP (recommended) or via POP3. Unless you redirect the emails to an external address, they will show up in your mailbox, which you can access directly using a common mail client or via our webmail.
To set up your favorite email client, please check our tutorials.

It is strongly recommended to send and receive your emails encrypted via SSL/TLS. The outgoing SMTP server requires authentication (use the same credentials as for the incoming mail server).

As an alternative to our SMTP server, you can use the outgoing server of your internet access provider. Note, however, that by now all major Swiss providers require SMTP authentication.

For the outgoing SMTP server, we recommend using port 587 instead of port 25, as the latter is now blocked by many internet access providers.

Mail Account Setup Port
IMAP Server 993
POP3 Server 995
SMTP Server 587
Username webXXpY
Password **********

FTP Upload

FTP is used as the file transfer protocol to upload your local web data to your remote web space at Onlime. Again, we follow strict security policies and recommend you to use SSL/TLS encryption for FTP server access and data transmission. You will need a FTP client that supports this protocol. For Windows users, we recommend Cyberduck or FileZilla, for macOS users we strongly recommend using Transmit.

Username and password correspond to those of Airpane Controlpanel!

Please make sure that you select PASV (passive mode) for the data connection. Please check our tutorials for detailed FTP client settings.

FTP Setup
FTP Server (port 21)
Recommended encryption FTP with TLS/SSL (Explicit encryption)
Data mode PASV (passive mode)
Username webXX
Password **********


To simplify life, we wrote a whole bunch of tutorials for you. The list below is just a short selection of possible software clients. If you're missing a tutorial, let us know.

Do you need some detailed instructions for your mail client? Do you wonder how to setup a new mail account or how to access your web space with an FTP client?

For more tutorials please consult our Support-Wiki.