About Onlime

Onlime Webhosting exists for more than 15 years and operates a highly reliable server infrastructure in the heart of Zurich.

The fresh lime ...

The first fruit that comes to mind in terms of medicinal uses is the reliable lime. This sour citrus fruit can do what many advanced medicines cannot. Lime, bearing the scientific name Citrus Aurantifolia, has been used for ages in the treatment of various ailments.

This fruit arose from the server rooms of the computer science club of the University of Zurich (ICU), where Philip Iezzi worked as a system administrator during his studies in business informatics. It is the year 2000. Philip called his server "lime" and the citrus fruit was placed in the middle of a fruity server environment, next to banana and papaya. Every day, students were exchanging their files and only had to ask Philip: "Is it already on-lime?".

It was no big surprise when his fellow students gave Philip the domain onlime.ch as a birthday present back in 2003. The hosting was already born long time before, now it had a name.

... matures to a juicy fruit!

At the beginning of 2004, Philip Iezzi goes public with his company. Onlime Webhosting has the goal to offer reliable and professional web hosting services - always on the cutting edge of technology and at affordable prices.

However Onlime Webhosting will not intentionally keep up with the price dumping that takes place in the hosting market. A reliable service and a secured continuity take precedence.

Since 2006 Onlime Webhosting runs its own server infrastructure at the data center of METANET in Zurich. The infrastructure is constantly being expanded and has now a high degree of redundancy.

As CRM and as control panel for its customers Onlime uses the in-house developed Airpane Controlpanel. Thanks to the high-quality server infrastructure, the convenient Control Panel and the sophisticated security architecture Onlime Webhosting has acquired a high level of professionalism.

Now we no longer want to hold you back! Go ahead and select one of our web hosting plans that fits your need - check our product overview.


Swiss Label

SWISS LABEL promotes confidence in the Swiss economy and supports the marketing of Swiss quality products and services in Switzerland and abroad.
The crossbow stands as a symbol of confidence-building values such as quality, certainty, reliability and solidity - both for companies as well as for consumers. SWISS LABEL highlights the origin and quality awareness of buyers and consumers of goods and services of Swiss origin.

The trademark may be claimed only for products that are fully produced in Switzerland or sufficiently processed in Switzerland.

Both Onlime Webhosting and our housing provider METANET are members of SWISS LABEL. Our entire infrastructure including all data is located in Switzerland.

Social & Environment

Onlime Webhosting is committed to donating part of its annual revenue to good causes. The money goes to selected charitable organizations, mainly to the ones listed below:

Afghanistanhilfe Schaffhausen

In 1988 Vreni Frauenfelder and 4 other people were launching the Help Committee Schaffhausen (HCS). Since then, HCS in close cooperation with Sima Samar’s Shuhada Organization, arrange numerous aid projects in the range of infrastructure, education, health and emergency assistance. Clinics, schools, orphanages and women’s refuges were built and are operated with donations from Switzerland. Isolated villages were made accessible to clean drinking water and the people in need of help were supported with food supplies. A further help project of HCS is the distribution of animals (sheep and chicken) to poor famers allowing an enduring improvement of life of the poor population.

ROKPA International

ROKPA helps where humanitarian aid is exceptionally difficult, but desperately needed. ROKPA is mainly active in Tibetan areas of China and Nepal, but ROKPA projects are also managed in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The work of ROKPA is primarily concentrated upon education, medicine, nourishment and culture.

ROKPA attaches great importance to the self-help approach. Education has proven to be the most efficient way of assisting people in need to escape the poverty trap and to protect themselves against being exploited and abused. This is why ROKPA, through our education schemes, prepares disadvantaged children and adults for a self-determined life.

ROKPA is a customer of Onlime and hosts its website with us.

Shangrila and Govinda Development Aid


Shangrila is a customer of Onlime and hosts its website with us.

We do not only care about human aid but also try to take care to our environment by a responsible use of our limited resources.