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Why Onlime?


Our bestseller limeBASIC surprises with a wide range of features at a low price! If you are unsure which hosting plan to choose, go for limeBASIC - you will be fine. You will find the main features listed below.


With three times more webspace than our entry hosting plan limeBASIC, the possibility to setup subdomains, custom SSL certificates, SSH shell access and an unlimited amount of email addresses, our limePRO is the perfect solution for your high demands. You will find the main features listed below.


Are you travelling around the world and would like to keep your pictures stored at a safe place? Would you like to access your data both from home and from the office? Or do you just want to share some files with your friends? limeDRIVE provides you with a huge cloud storage which you may access at any time via FTP or WebDAV.

Your Requirements. Cannot be demanding enough for us.

Onlime Webhosting provides professional and high-quality hosting of websites and web applications, which rely on high availability and performance. Small to medium-sized companies are in good hands with Onlime, whether they run a CMS, a web shop, a PHP/MySQL-based web application or for the intensive use of our mail services. Thanks to our fine grained monitoring solution and state-of-the-art redundant server infrastructure we can guarantee an above-average high availability.

Security. Our center focus.

All of our services run on separate server systems. The customer sites are also separated from each other. Web applications run respectively under their own system users. The server systems are secured by additional ACLs (access control lists). Our systems are maximally sealed off from other servers and protected against non-necessary access. All services of Onlime Webhosting can be used encrypted via SSL/TLS.

Quality Hardware. No compromise.

Onlime Webhosting only employs high-end enterprise grade hardware for its whole server infrastructure. We do care about the workload of our systems. Each server is capable of handling peak loads without affecting our customer sites and services. The average lifetime of our servers is 2 years. They are always replaced at an early stage by more powerful models, before anybody has to suffer a degraded performance. All web servers are operated with enterprise grade SSDs from Intel. Currently one of the best available I/O performance on the market is achieved with this hardware.

Configuration. Our Control Panel.

With its comprehensive and intuitive user interface, Airpane Controlpanel provides you with a complete overview of your web hosting account. All email address and mail account administration, FTP account, subdomain, and database administration can be conveniently and easily managed here. Airpane Controlpanel is internally developed by Onlime and is constantly being improved. In this way, we can react very quickly to customer requests.

Server Location. 100% Switzerland.

All servers are located in a high-capacity and highly secured datacenter in Zurich, Switzerland. Access to our server infrastructure is limited to authorized staff members only. Entry to the datacenter is monitored around the clock by a security service and additional biometric entry controls are in place. Onlime Webhosting strictly avoids storing its own and the customers data in the cloud and does not depend on any external services. Backup data is stored in a second data center also located in Zurich, Switzerland.
Storing your data in Switzerland gives you a legal protection which hardly any other country could provide.

99.9% Availability

Thanks to our fine grained monitoring solution and state-of-the-art redundant server infrastructure, we can guarantee an above-average high availability.

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What do our customers say?

Du bist der unglaublich beste Support, den ich kenne.
Habe jetzt überhaupt nicht damit gerechnet, aber bäm, schon ist die Antwort da :)

Oh wow, this SSL manager is super smooth. One button click, crazy :)
Works super cool so far!

Sebastian Luckos | RACERFISH | Jan 17, 2017

Vielen herzlichen Dank für Dein Engagement!
Ich darf Dir an dieser Stelle ein grosses Lob aussprechen. Der hier gebotene Service ist einfach ausgezeichnet. Ich schätze solchen sehr und werde Dich und Deine Dienstleistungen wenn immer möglich weiter empfehlen.

WOW! Was soll ich sagen... Weltklasse!! Man merkt es wenn jemand den Job oder seine Firma mit Herz führt! Respekt!

Apache Konfiguration ist tatsächlich immer für eine Überraschung gut, da mach ich Ihnen in keiner Weise einen Vorwurf. Ihr Service und Ihr Knowhow hingegen findet man aber nur bei den allerwenigsten Hostern, dickes Kompliment!
Da kann ich beruhigt meine Apache Wissenslücken beibehalten... Nochmals herzlichen Dank!

Bei keinem Hoster gibt es soviel awesome für so einen tollen Preis. Performance immer top und die Palette an Tools für Web Developers lassen nichts zu wünschen übrig. Auch dank Onlime konnten wir unseren Web Development Stack auf ein nächstes Level anheben. Software und Hardware immer top aktuell und auf einem Niveau wie es manche Shared Hosting Anbieter vermissen lassen. Support mit 1A Response Time und 100% Erfolgsgarantie. THANK YOU PIPO!

Ich glaube Sie sind ein Roboter "Herr" Iezzi. SO schnell kann nur eine Maschine arbeiten/antworten! Ihre menschlichen Antworten unterstreichen meine Vermutung jedoch nicht :P

Seit vielen Jahren stehen Sie uns als Dienstleister im Web- und Mailbereich mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. In allen Fällen, wo ein Problem auftaucht, reagieren Sie jeweils zeitnah und haben meist eine Lösung parat. Insbesondere Ihr Einspringen bei den Schwierigkeiten mit unserer Website rechnen wir Ihnen hoch an. Kurzum: Es ist ein gutes Gefühl, dass wir uns stets auf Sie verlassen können.