limePRO - To meet your highest demands

With three times more webspace than our entry hosting plan limeBASIC, the possibility to setup subdomains, custom SSL certificates, SSH shell access and an unlimited amount of email addresses, our limePRO is the perfect solution for your high demands. You will find the main features listed below.

If you cannot wait any longer, order now and in a few hours you will be ready to go with our limePRO, including all the extra features.


SSD Powered

Our webservers run 100% on SSD. Even the best SSD caching solution is not the way to go in our eyes. We want to offer the best available I/O performance on the market and that is why we only employ enterprise grade SSDs from Intel. You will feel the speed and your web application performance will definitely benefit.

Airpane Controlpanel

With its comprehensive and intuitive user interface, Airpane Controlpanel provides you with a complete overview of your web hosting account. All email address and mail account administration, FTP account, subdomain, and database administration can be conveniently and easily managed here.

SSH Access

Next to FTPS, we provide shell access via SSH Secure Shell to our limePRO customers.
A modern web developer nowadays can hardly do without SSH. You may use package managers like Composer, Bower, or npm. You might as well just use SSH to deploy your web projects via rsync or simply move around some files in an efficient manner.
SSH can also be used for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) as a better alternative to FTPS (FTP over SSL).

SSL Certificates

Encrypt all your websites! Thanks to the nonprofit and crowdfunded Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt, you will get full-fledged SSL certificates at no additional cost. The number of SSL certificates is unlimited. Simply switch your certificates on with a single click in our Control Panel. You do not have to worry about anything. We take care of the installation, the renewal, and any possible reissues of your certificates.

Addon Domains

You have several domains and would like to point them on the same website? limePRO allows you to setup 10 additional domain aliases or domain redirects.
With the additional feature called domain pointings you are free to use 3 extra domains pointing to a completely separated website.
limePRO is a true multi domain capable hosting plan.


You can copy to and download data from your website using file transfer protocol (FTP) at any time.
You can also use FTPS (FTP-SSL) for encrypted FTP connections. FTPS builds on top of SSL/TLS, which means the data transfer to and from the server is encrypted. In addition to the commands entered, the data channel is also encrypted. Our servers support FTPS by default.


Our webmail offers you continuous access to your emails, worldwide and from every type of browser.
We are running the latest version of Roundcube Webmail, a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides the full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.

Off-site Backups

We always run full nightly backups to a remote data center (off-site). That way, our backup solution basically is disaster-proof. We store multiple daily/weekly/monthly generations which can be restored at any time by our support staff.
Our backup solution is included with all hosting plans at no additional cost!


A cronjob is a task that is automatically executed by the computer in the background at defined intervals. The function is used when data needs to be processed at regular intervals. You can set up your own cronjobs in our Controlpanel .